Inner Domain (Sisäinen valtakunta) - 4. run

19.07.2024 Helsinki

Ilmoittautuminen auki Aloittelijaystävällinen
Ilmoittautuminen: 24.06.2024 - 18.07.2024
historiallinen, draama
Ikäraja: 18

“We must make what is forbidden visible.” 
- Hilma af Klint

“Inner Domain” explores sexuality between women through the esoteric. It draws inspiration from the life of Swedish visual artist Hilma af Klint (1862-1944) and the different all-female groups she was part of. In these groups, women held seances, practiced theosophy, and found special connections with each other at the start of the 20th century. The group of women, many of whom were artists, created a safe space to break society’s norms on gender, sexuality, and romance through spiritual practices. 

In this piece, you will take a role as one of the members of this circle of friends and live through guided scenes. This event is adult-only and for non-men identified players only.

Location: Gallery Oksasenkatu 11 (Oksasenkatu 11, 00100 Helsinki). Easy to reach from the city center with trams and busses. Unfortunately, the space is unaccessible. (