Midgardi Kevad ,, Spring in Midgard``

25.05.2019 - 26.05.2019 Estonia

Aloittelijaystävällinen Kielivapaa

Better to fight and fall than to live without hope - nothing good comes from letting your fear and worries stand in your way. Even though suffering from shortage is over, it's still time to replenish supplies and secure comfortable life for the time to come.

Spring has arrived in Midgard - strangers have arrived with spring. Short is the hour for acting, and long the hour for feasting. Along with strangers you have to wrestle with dwarves from Nidavellir and the giant of Jotunheim - none of them are amicable.

Competition is strong and there are not enough supplies for everyone.

Dauthr til ovinr!

About the game!

The game takes place in pseudo viking age and in addition to prehistorical humans, it's possible to run into different distinctive characters from viking mythology in the wild.

The game revolvs around the opposition between viking newcomers, native dwarves and various new arrivals.
The Kassinurme fort is occupied by viking settlement, where different necessary businesses are being run next to bank, forge and pub.A little but further, hidden between the trees, there is a dwarf camp, whose residents don't receive the newcomers with open arms – all the more that the flow of the arrivals doesn't seem to stop anytime soon.

Players with decent costume will receive a little extra bonus!

To win the game, a group must gather victory points. Points are given for completing the quests and collecting resources (food, gold, iron).

Resources can be used for buying different “amenities” as well as for increasing the score of your team.

We advise to enroll to the game with a minimum of 10-member group. It's also possible to play as a single player, if you have a wish to be a lone wolf. We also offer a chance to play a NPC.

The catering has been taken care of by women's voluntary defence organization.

REGISTRATION for the game will be open in April


24.05 The organizers will set up the game and in the evening it's allowed for the first players to arrive

25.05 The game will start! In the morning we will greet all the players in the Kassinurme hillfort

26.05 The game will come to an end in the afternoon and all the players return back to home