03.03.2018 - 04.03.2018 Pirttikylä, Närpiö

Ilmoittautuminen: 10.12.2017 - 31.12.2017
post-apokalyptinen, draama
Osallistumismaksu: 25-35€
Ikäraja: 14


The year is 2102 in Ostrobothnia. 60 years ago our society collapsed when an unknown and violently lethal parasite started spreading. The chaos that the resulting mass death caused was made worse by wars and armed conflicts, which soon spelled total disaster. Humanity almost succumbed to extinction, but tenacity, cooperation and a whole lot of luck gave the survivors a new chance. Small settlements started taking shape and even though the old world is but a memory of a dying generation there is hope for a better future.

But in a small camp in Pörtom, its members are faced with a difficult change. For years they have lived together and fought for common survival. Now a big group wants to leave the camp, due to fear or because they dream about something more than just surviving. Another big group is adamant about staying, refusing to leave their relatively safe home for vague promises and dreams. The camp is heading for a painful farewell, the only question is how painful..

A larp about farewells and endings

Winterwind is in essence a larp about togetherness and community, and what happens when they break. The larp will challenge players to really throw themselves into emotional play, where relationships between characters are central.

The biggest theme of the larp is what happens to human relationships when a group breaks up. What happens when someone near and dear to you is leaving and you cannot follow them? What happens to bonds of friendship when you have to divide resources like food, water, ammunition, weapons and other equipment that is integral to everyone's survival? What happens when vital knowledge disappears with one person?

We build a community, then we break it apart.

The game will mainly be in english / swedish